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Sewer Repair | Glencoe Illinois

Clay Sewer Lines Collapsed in Glencoe Home

In Glencoe, IL, we repaired a broken clay sewer line in a garage. Clay sewer lines can collapse due to mud and tree roots. Fortunately, our team quickly repaired their sewer lines so this customer could install a brand-new washing machine.

Laundry Drain Repair Call

A customer in Glencoe Illinois called us because they could not install a new washing machine due to the drain line. Our Glencoe plumber arrived to find a sewer backup through the laundry hook-up. Once they began the plumbing services, our Glencoe plumbers realized it was an issue with the sewer system.

Sewer Line Causing Drain Backup

To start our drain repair services, we tried sewer rodding to clear any blockages from tree roots or other materials. However, after a sewer video inspection, our Glencoe plumbers found a collapsed clay sewer line. In Glencoe, Il, sewer lines are sometimes clay which can collapse and fill with sewer mud or tree roots. Once we located the problem, our team began the plumbing repairs.

Glencoe Sewer Repairs

A sewer repair is a tough job! For this homeowner’s Glencoe, IL sewer our plumber cut through concrete and dug out mud to find this sewer drain. Once uncovered, our plumbers quickly started to replace the sewer line. At Rescue Plumbing, our sewer services are efficient and minimally invasive! This homeowner was happy to have a functioning sewer and a new washing machine installed!

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