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Rescue Plumbing Rescues Clogged Toilet System in Lincolnshire, IL

In Lincolnshire, IL, one concerned customer reported that all of his building’s toilets had clogged simultaneously. Our qualified plumbers acted quickly and professionally in this emergency scenario in the Northwest suburbs to find and remove the source of the blockage.

Drain Cleaning Required for Clogged Toilets

When one toilet clogs, that’s a problem – but when all of a building’s toilets clog at once, that requires immediate attention. Fortunately, all it takes is a licensed plumber from Rescue Plumbing to offer professional services and get your bathroom back in working order!

Sewer Mainline Blockage Causes Problems

In this case, the building’s sewer mainline had clogged, and Rescue Plumbing was able to offer emergency service in Lincolnshire, IL. When the vertical clean-out access was opened, it was overflowing. When working properly, this pipe should flow freely into the sewer line to dispose of sewage. Fortunately, our professional technicians were on the job.

Professional Services From Qualified Plumbers

A high-powered drain cleaning machine was used to clear these clogged drains. This machine, operated by our trained technicians, spins a cutting tool through a sewer pipe that beaks apart debris and clogs. In this case, a dirty rag and some tree roots were blocking the sewer system, leading to a sewage backup.

We offer a variety of plumbing services in the Chicagoland area, from your kitchen and bathroom sink to your sump pump and sewer! Our plumbing and sewer professionals are always to the rescue, offering you professional repair!

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