Basement Leak Burr Ridge Illinois

Basement Leak | Burr Ridge Illinois

Basement Leak in Burr Ridge Il

When this homeowner realized there was moisture on the ceiling and floor, they quickly called Rescue Plumbing for leak detection services! Leaving a leak untreated can cause sever damage to your house. From flooding, to long-term mold growth, it’s important to stop a leak in it’s tracks before it can cause severe damage.

Water Leaks from Ceiling onto Basement Floor

Our plumbers in Burr Ridge, IL quickly arrived to this property to start the repair services. Leak detections can be difficult since pipes are often behind drywall and ceilings. For a basement leak, our plumbers always begin looking for basement waterproofing to make sure it isn’t the foundation that is leaking. For this homeowner, since the water damage was on the ceiling we were sure it was a pipe causing the problem.

Cracks in Pipe Cause Water Damage

To investigate the leak further, our plumber carefully opened the ceiling wall to see inside. Once inside the customers wall, our plumber saw the cracked pipe and could begin the repair! To protect the property, before opening walls, our plumbers laydown drop clothes and cover any furniture in the area with plastic covering. Once ready to make repairs, our experts opened the basement ceiling in a neat 2ft by 4ft square to access the copper pipes.

Professional Tools Stop the Leak Quickly

All of our plumbers arrive fully-stocked to provide any plumbing services. At this Burr Ridge house, our team had a specialty Pro Press machine ready to make the repair quick and easy! With a Pro Press we were able to restore a section of the pipe with quality copper piping. Our Rescue Plumbers saved the day from flooding and water damage in this Burr Ridge home!

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