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Leak in Ceiling | Niles Illinois

Disaster Strikes When Broken Pipes Leak

A sudden leak can seem shocking! Sometimes leaks can occur over time due to old corroded pipes. A professional inspection of your ceilings and floors can determine whether your home has any leaks. Leaks can be caused by pipes or roof damage, a professional can inspect your property’s roof for any leaks. If you do suspect a leak, Rescue Plumbing is a full-service plumbing business that offers leak repair services!

Leaking Causes Water Damage on Walls

The homeowners in Niles, IL called Rescue Plumbing when a leak started from their basement ceiling. They found mold and needed professional repairs quickly! We sent our professionals out to quickly inspect and repair the leaking. Our pros know how important it is to quickly locate a leak to prevent a flooded property! We always arrive to every project with the correct equipment to complete the leak detection process.

Old Corroded Pipes Leak

After a professional leak detection, our plumbers uncovered multiple old pipes that were leaking. Unfortunately, old pipes can corrode and cause leaks. Routine maintenance can help keep pipes in good condition or uncover any outdated features of your plumbing system. For this house in Niles, Il the pipes needed to be replaced. The repairs included the removal and installation of new pipes to prevent leaks in the future.

Repair and Restoration Services

Our team quickly started the repairs to stop the leak. In order to repair the leak, our plumbers opened the ceiling and wall to check for any extra leaks and to replace the old pipes. Leaving a leak without repair can cause mold, so it’s important to fix it as soon as possible. Our plumbing team removed all the old galvanized water pipes and replaced them with high-quality copper pipes. We also recommended our favorite restoration business to remove any moisture, treat mold and repair the drywall!

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