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Leak Repair | Norwood Park Chicago

Plumbing Repairs in Newly Rehabbed Home

A recently rehabbed home in Norwood Park, Chicago IL was experiencing active leaks from the pipes in the home. Because of their age, the drainage pipes in many older homes are not properly sealed. When there is a backup, the drainage pipes fill with water, causing pressure and exposing leaks in the plumbing system. Our licensed plumbers are able to quickly locate the source of leaks and make the necessary repairs in Norwood Park Chicago!

Leak Detection Plumbing Service

To locate the leak, we had to remove the ceiling. Several leaks were detected in the drainage piping. The leaks were coming from several piping joints. The main sewer line in the house was also clogged. Due to the clogged sewer, water was beginning to back up into the second floor.

Plumbing System Diagnosis

The drain pipes were not properly sealed during the customers remodeling project. The ceiling leaks caused by the sewer backup would not have occurred if the joints had been sealed. Luckily, our licensed plumbers have the training and experience to repair any piping.

Water Leak Repair Norwood Park Chicago

In order to make the drains properly sealed, our professional plumbers removed every drain joint that was leaking and install new sealed joints. This ensures, if customers were to experience a sewage backup, there would be no leaks in the ceiling. To avoid leaks in the plumbing system of older homes, we recommend a regular drain cleaning service. A pipe replacement by our plumbers is a more permanent solution to any drainage system leaks. 

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