Water Leak Repair Lake Bluff Illinois

Water Leak Repair | Lake Bluff Illinois

Water Leak in Plumbing System

When customers have their new vanity installed by contractors, the last thing they expect is water damage after the installation. Our licensed plumbers at Rescue Plumbing are trained to properly install new plumbing fixtures in a professional manner and get the job done right the first time!

Plumbing Services in Lake Bluff IL

New homeowners in Lake Bluff requested a service call after noticing water damage underneath their vanity in the bathroom. The homeowners chose not to use the same contractor as they had caused a leak. Our plumbing services in Lake Bluff, IL are available during the morning and evening hours of the day.

Installation Plumbing Issue

After a thorough investigation, our licensed plumber discovered that the contractor who installed the vanity had drilled a screw into the pipe behind the wall. The screw eventually became corroded along with the pipe, causing it to leak.

Plumbing Pipe Repair Services

Our expert plumbers removed the leaking pipe and install a new pipe. Rescue Plumbing has provided professional service on thousands of plumbing system installations. Our friendly staff is happy to schedule your next plumbing service call!

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