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Leak Repair | Arcadia Terrace Chicago

Old Galvanized Piping Causes Leaking

Plumbers in Chicago, IL discover leaks on the threads of old galvanized plumbing systems on a daily basis. Because they are prone to corrosion, galvanized metal pipes are no longer used for plumbing installation in new construction like residential and commercial buildings.

Leak in Arcadia Terrace neighborhood

A resident from the Arcadia Terrace neighborhood was experiencing a leak above the water heater in their residential basement. Our plumber was dispatched and arrived in less than an hour!

Leak Detection

Upon arrival our licensed plumber performed a topical leak inspection, they will inspect and try to recreate leaks without opening any walls. In this case, the water wasn’t actively leaking but there were signs that it could be coming from somewhere above the basement. After running the bathtub, the leak was successfully recreated.

Plumbing Pipe Replacement

The leak was coming from an old galvanized drum trap drain that had corrosion. The old drum trap was removed and a new PVC drain p trap was installed by the plumber. Following the installation, the plumber filled the bathtub and allowed it to flow. This was done to ensure that the drain did not leak. No leaks were discovered after the plumbers drained the bathtub. We always provide quality workmanship and ensure customers are happy with our repairs.

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