leaky pipes, basement leak, toilet clog

Leak Repair: How Rescue Plumbing Rescued a Couple in Northfield, IL

If you’ve never had a leaky pipe or toilet clog before, we’re happy for you.

But according to Rescue Plumbing’s customers in Northfield, IL, it’s only a matter of time until a leak will happen and when they do, you need to get it fixed right away.

Repair leaks and Save Money

A leak or clog may eventually cause a flood. This can not only damage your floors and walls but also ruin any of the furniture in its path.

If you don’t have the proper insurance, you could be in for a nasty financial surprise in addition to a stinky mess to clean up.

But not to worry, just like this couple who had a clogged toilet and sewer pipe leak, Rescue Plumbing can take care of the dirty business of cleaning up messes just like yours.

pipe leak, leak repair needed

What are the causes of pipe leaks in places like Northfield, IL?

Leaks can happen at any time and there are many different causes of water leaking from pipes.

home plumbing system leaks

Bad weather

Rain, snow melting, or even a heavy hailstorm can all lead to water leaking from pipes.

Frozen pipes

Just like with your car’s tires, frozen water expands and can put immense stress on the pipes. Once the ice thaws, they lose their strength and can burst.

Old age

Pipes that leak are a fact of life for homeowners. Regardless of how well maintained or what kind of warranty they have there is always likely work to do.

Poor installation work

When pipes are installed incorrectly, improperly, or don’t drain in the proper place, it can cause all kinds of problems. These include serious damage to your home and health hazards for you and your family.

This is especially true if they’re not handled by a professional, licensed plumber.

broken basement pipe

The Jones’ unfortunate plumbing trouble

This concerned, older couple from Northfield, Illinois, couldn’t use the stairs due to mobility issues. They worried when their toilet clogged and were hearing noises in the basement every time they flushed it.

It turned out they did indeed have a bad clog, in addition to the clog, they had a broken sewer pipe. A section of the broken sewer pipe had a huge hole that was spilling sewage into the basement each time they flushed! It was a leak that needed repairs immediately as their health and safety was at risk due to the presence of raw sewage in their home.

leaky pipes, basement leak, toilet clog

How to identify the location of a pipe leak

There are a number of different signs to look for if you suspect there is a leak in your pipes. The Jones family had one sign; noise in the basement.

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Finding a leak’s location


Sounds coming from your pipes are a cause of concern. These can include water pressure fluctuations or even settling debris that has moved around. Sometimes the sound can be a leak.

Wet floors and walls

A puddle on the floor or wet spots on the walls is often the result of water leaks from pipes.

Uneven floors

A sudden dip or rise in the floor level could result from an underground water pipe with leaks and causing ground erosion outside, which can lead to sinking tiles inside.

Stains on your ceiling

These might not necessarily indicate that you have a pipe with leaks but it’s definitely worth investigating. Sometimes an air conditioning air duct can condensate if not sealed properly.


A strange smell around your house could indicate a gas or sewer leak you’ll definitely want to have checked out.

But it could also be a sign of water leaking from your pipes and causing mold problems or other issues with the air quality in your home. Pipe leaks can cause mold growth that can be hazardous to one’s health.

Leak Repairs help you save money.

Did you know a leaking toilet flapper can cause your monthly water bill to increase by $100.00 a month? Replacing a toilet flapper is a simple task that will repair a leak if your toilet flapper is failing

If your water bill is higher than it should be or you notice any of the problems above, then don’t wait to get help from Rescue Plumbing – (773) 779-8848. The sooner we can check out and fix the problem, the less damage will occur to your home as time goes on.

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Tips for leak repairs 

When to know if you need a toilet clog repair

As in the case of the Jones family, they had what appeared to be a simple toilet clog.

However, after calling Rescue Plumbing for help due to the severity of the leak that was caused partially by this clog, they found they needed more assistance than just a toilet unclogging. They need a leak repair also.

The first step was an evaluation of the situation. We used a sewer inspection camera to check out and confirm each area of concern. We had to develop a proper plan for the leak repair before we could restore service to their home to normal.

In many cases, power rodding will solve the problem. We performed that and removed the clogs, and then proceeded to tackle the broken sewer pipe.

When to know if you need a sewer leak repair

In the Jones’ case, we had suspected a leak in their sewer pipe in the basement since that is the location the noise was coming from.

A good solution

In this case, the entire pipe in the basement had to be replaced. We ran new pipes from where they connected the upstairs toilet to the main sewer line where they could drain properly. We were able to contain the leak and make the necessary repairs fairly easily.

problem solved, good sewer pipe, non-leaking pipe

The importance of regular inspections and maintenance checks

As in the cases of the Jones family, we recommended the entire plumbing system be inspected for leaks at least once a year to prevent any further material damage and more costly repairs.

We also offered free advice on how to properly maintain the plumbing system so it will last longer and be free of leaks.

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Considerations when choosing a plumber in Northfield, IL

Rescue Plumbing is a fully licensed, bonded, and insured plumbing company. We are also members of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.

We operate on an On-Call, Emergency Basis so we are always ready to answer your call from homes within the zip code 60093 if you have any questions or issues requiring immediate attention. Call us today for a free verbal estimate: (773) 799-8848.

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