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Water Leak | Barrington Illinois

Water Leaking in Barrington, IL

This customer was experiencing a leak from the pipes. A leak can be caused by a wide range of things from a faulty water heater, burst pipes and even a booster pump. A booster pump helps get water pressure for a multi-story home or apartment. If it malfunctions the changes in pressure can cause water damage. If you notice standing water call an expert right away!

Pipes Leak in Lake County Home

Luckily, this Barrington customer called us right away when they found water. This prevented any prolonged drying process or mold growth! Our plumbing professionals quickly responded to the job to stop the leak before any water damage or structural damage occurred. After investigating the leak and the surrounding area, our plumber discovered the booster pump.

Failed Booster Pump

Our plumbers arrive to every job with a fully stocked plumbing van, so we had the equipment ready to install a new booster pump for this Lake county family! A booster pump is a complicated machine that uses a motor to boost the flow of water into your home’s pipes. They are electrical appliances so there are a lot of element that can fail, from the plug, the motor, and even the shut-off valves. It’s difficult to repair a booster pump because of the complicated components and risk of future failure. Our experts recommended a booster pump replacement and our customer happily agreed!

Booster Pump Installation for Barrington Home

After shutting off the main water supply, our team had to remove water from the old pump to prevent water damage, remove it and install the new equipment! The new booster pump was installed with high-quality copper pipes to prevent future leaks. Our customer was happy with our quick service that prevented structural damage and any lengthy drying process. At Rescue Plumbing, we offer free estimates for any plumbing service in Barrington, IL!

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