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Everything You Need to Know About Sewer Cleanout Installation in Buena Park Chicago 

A clogged sewer is every home owners nightmare. Save time, money, and headaches by installing a sewer cleanout. Make cleaning and maintaining your Buena park home’s sewer lines easier with a sewer cleanout installation.

Our plumbers are experts at sewer cleanout installation. This blog will explain what a sewer cleanout is and how it can save homeowners time and money! Our professionals installed a sewer cleanout for a family in Buena Park Chicago.

It’s important to have a sewer cleanout installed because it can save you money and hassle you in the long run.

What Is A Sewer Cleanout?

Buena park sewer cleanout

A sewer cleanout installation is the process of installing a cleanout pipe with a plug/cap onto your home’s main sewer line.

The process provides easy access to your home’s foundation sewer lines. A sewer cleanout allows for easier cleaning and maintenance of your sewer property line.

The sewer clean-out in your home acts as a dispersal unit that can drain excess water from your home’s lateral sewer line.

If you suspect you might have a clogged sewer line and need a sewer cleanout installation, call Rescue Plumbing today at (773) 799-8848!

Types of Sewer Cleanouts

There are different types of sewer cleanouts that can be installed in your home. At Rescue Plumbing, we offer a free on-site estimates to determine the best type of cleanout for your home.

Single Cleanout

This type of pipe connects a direct line from the municipal sewers to your home straight line pipes.

Double Cleanout

The difference between a two-way sewer cleanout and other types is that it allows hydro jets and drains snakes access to both sides of the pipe—the side going into your home, as well as any other drainage system in or around it.

Test Tee cleanout

A Test Tee pipe forms a T-shape and functions similarly to the double cleanout. However, these are uncommon due to their 90-degree angle being a challenge in de-clogging pipes.

Locating A Sewer Cleanout In Your home

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Search your Buena Park Chicago home for the location of your sewer cleanout. When looking for the sewer cleanouts, keep in mind they are made out PVC pipes or cast iron. It is easy to identify this device since the sewer cleanout cap is usually made out of brass, iron, or plastic.

In modern homes, sewer lines cleanout can be near toilets, vent pipes, or bathroom walls. Older homes usually have outdoor cleanouts. Cleanouts are usually near the septic tank or the main sewer line that connects to the municipality’s lateral line.

Make sure to thoroughly inspect your home. There may be more than one cleanout around your Chicago home.

Your Buena Park home might need a sewer cleanout installation. Don’t hesitate to call our team of professional plumbers at (773) 799-8848. We’re always happy to help and answer any questions you have!

Why Do You Need To Install a Sewer Cleanout Your Home?

Sewer cleanouts are important for residents that live near lake shore drive. Sewer cleanouts provide full access to your sewer line for cleaning and maintenance.

You can save money in the long run by installing a sewer cleanout. If you don’t have a sewer cleanout and a problem arises, you may need to dig up your yard to access the direct line. This can be a costly and time-consuming process.

Most homeowners save on home repair costs from having a sewer cleanout installed. In the event of a clogged sewer line, Chicago residents can complete home maintenance and maintain landscape preservation.

Additionally, by uncapping the sewer cleanout, city residents can clear a few feet of stock water from their homes.

Our experts north of Wrigley field can explain everything you need to know for sewer clean-out installation. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at (773) 799-8848. We’re always happy to help!

Buena park drains located near sign

How Do I Know If My Home Needs A Sewer Cleanout Installation?

There are a few things you can look for if you think it might be time for a drain inspection.

Look out for any major clogging in your Chicago home lateral sewer. This could be tree roots, grease, or even toys that are down the toilet!

If you notice any blockage, call a hydro jetting professional plumber right away!

Another thing to look for is sewer odors or backup coming from your drains. This is a sign that something is not flowing properly in your sewer line. You should call a professional plumber in Chicago.

At Rescue Plumbing, we use high-end materials to fix your Chicago home’s plumbing correctly!

For a free estimate, give us a call at (773) 799-8848. We’re at your service!

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Cost of A Sewer Cleanout Installation

Sewer cleanout installation can range in price depending on a few different factors.

  • Size of your sewer line.
  • Type of material your sewer line.
  • Accessibility of your sewer line.

The best way to get an accurate estimate for sewer cleanout installation is to call a professional plumber.

Call us at (773) 799-8848. They will be able to assess your specific situation and give you a more accurate price.

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Length of Sewer Cleanout Installation

Installation of a sewer cleanout depends on many different factors. Depending on things like depth of the sewer, time of year and extent of the damage. If it’s a large section of pipe or in the middle of winter when the ground is frozen, it will take longer to install a cleanout.

The size and type of your sewer line will play a role, as well as the accessibility of your drain line.

Sewer cleanout installation can take as little as a day to finish. There may be some preparations beforehand.

Sewer cleanouts are an important part of maintaining your home’s sewer system. They also prevent costly repairs down the road.

If you have any questions about sewer cleanout installation, feel free to call at (773) 799-8848. We’re always happy to help!

A Buena Park Story of Backups and Cleanouts

A customer called us in the Buena Park neighborhood of Chicago.

They complained of a horrible sewage smell in the home, near the Hutchinson street historic district.

The Buena Park neighborhood resident would flush the toilet in the basement. Then, sewage would back up into the bathroom bathtub. 

Any sewage present in your home is an emergency. Health issues can result if exposed to raw sewage without proper protection. 

The team conducted a diagnostic using a sewer camera to locate the problem.  

We located the problem as an old flood control system needing repair. We power rodded the sewer line and camera inspected the line to make sure it was clear. We also replaced the ejector pump and checked the valve in the flood control system.

Our experts were able to quickly install a cleanout plug and clear the blockage. The Buena Park homeowners were very happy with the results and were glad they called us!


Drain cleanouts should be placed on every drain line. The most important cleanout should be placed within five feet of your foundations property on the main sewer line. Rescue Plumbing can install any cleanouts needed on your property.

The reason you need a two-way clean out is to be able to perform drain cleaning going both directions. The waste will travel backward into the drain pipes if a drain backs up. To properly clean a drain after it has backed up you would need to perform drain cleaning both ways to be certain the drain is fully cleared. That is why you always need a two-way cleanout.

A sewer cleanout is a very important part of your plumbing system. Contact Rescue Plumbing today at (773) 799- 8848 with any questions or comments about sewer cleanouts! We would be happy to answer any of your questions and help you with installation if needed.

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