Buena Park Chicago Catch Basin Repair 2

Sewer Repair Buena Park Chicago Plumber

Catch Basin Repair in Buena Park

Buena Park Chicago Catch Basin Repair 2
Buena Park Chicago Catch Basin Repair 2

Recently, we completed a residential plumbing job in the Buena Park Neighborhood in Chicago.  Our customer just purchased the home.  It had recent renovations done to it, and it looked immaculate. 

Troubleshooting a Residential Plumbing Clog

Originally, the problem at this residence was the combination Laundry tub and kitchen sink line were backed up.  We made several unsuccessful attempts power rodding the line.  We ran an in depth sewer diagnostic, video, mapping and locating.  This diagnostic revealed a hidden catch basin. 

Fixing Damaged Sewers as a Plumber in Chicago

First, we had to remove decorative floor brick to access the catch basin.  We used a pump truck to suck out all the grease from the basin.  The sewer line was clogged and so full of grease and roots that we installed a full size six inch cast iron clean out for future cleaning.

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